July 12, 2011

On a Roll!

Every month the MFT design team have a creative challenge - this month's theme is "On a Roll". I created a project I've had in mind since I first saw the Large Rolled Rose Die-namic - a gorgeous felt necklace! I love that Die-namics can be used for so much more than papercrafting!

Years ago I had a jewellery business designing and making wedding jewellery and it's something I still love to do. I cut the large rolled rose from black wool felt and added jewellery findings to create an asymetrical necklace - I love the off-center look!

I have a few photos of how I made this necklace. I'm going to apologise in advance - in most of my photos the rose is lacking definition because it's so beautifully black - you can click on the photos for extra huge views so you can see what's going on! If you don't have jewellery findings in your stash, you can find them easily at your local craft store.

Begin by cutting your rolled rose out of felt. Sew it together as you create the rose, and once the base is positioned, sew around the entire base edge to make everything look lovely and tidy.

You need to attach something to your rose so you can add it to your necklace. I've used these tibitian silver necklace spacers - they're perfect because they don't have any openings that the sewn threads could slip through, and they also make the back of the rose look as good as the front! You could use smaller spacers and one of our smaller Rose Die-namics and make earrings to match your necklace!

Add jump rings (I've used jumbo rings as part of my design) and lengths of chain either side of your rose. I've used long lengths that you'll see I later cut down as I finessed the fit of my necklace.

Create accent pieces for your necklace using eyepins (pins with little loops at one end that you close with your own created loop) black glass beads and tibetian silver spacers. I created three accent pieces and strung them together in chain formation as you can see in the second photo.

Add your created chain piece to the chain of your necklace using a jump ring. Attach leather ends to two pieces of leather using pliars and a little bit of glue to keep the leather in place. Attach the leather to your necklace using jump rings.

Finally, add the clasp of your choice to the other ends of the leather using small jump rings. I've used a toggle clasp, any would work perfectly. That's it, your necklace is done!

I promise it's easier than it looks - it's all about using jump rings and other findings to string everything together. Remember, when using jump rings, open them by twisting gently open sideways - instead of pulling them open - this will weaken your jump ring!

In 2011, MFT is working harder than ever to inspire you, and we have come up with something we think you'll really enjoy. Our Design Team Creative Challenge is a new monthly feature, where we challenge our design team to explore their creative side using a specific theme, product or technique. This month, we're On a Roll!  Visit Kim's Blog for a full list of designers that have taken up the challenge!
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  1. This ROCKS...I don't do jewelry, and I would wear this!

  2. this is gorgeous Sarah, I normally only wear owls but I would also wear that!

  3. Stunning and exquisite!! Love that.......what a great way to use that die-namic.

  4. Sarah, I have no words.......This is STUNNING! How creative!

  5. Sarah - my jaw literally DROPPED when I saw this....wow wow and WOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!

    Just beautiful!!! And thank you so much for sharing how you created this divine piece!

    Crafty Hugs!

  6. wow! feel free to send this to me. LOL! ;) LOOOVE it!

  7. WOW! I am blown away by your creativity! This project is absolutely brilliant and beautiful!

  8. Wow - that is great!!! I would wear that too :)

  9. This is beautiful Sarah!! Wow!! And a creative use of a rolled flower!!

  10. I simply LOVE LOVE LOVE this Sarah!
    Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  11. Love Love and more Love. This is stunning. I don't do jewelry either but I actually think I could make this. Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. How fun! I love how this came together! :)

  13. This is awesome!! Absolutely Love
    it - you should sell them! I could
    never accomplish that! You are
    soooooooooo creative!

  14. NO way! OMG Sarah...you totally have to sell these! WOW! I MUST make one for myself!! STUNNING idea and execution!


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