August 14, 2011

Despite being sick....

.....I had to play!

I'm often asked if snow isn't just a regular part of NZ life (this question is usually followed by "because you're so close to Antartica") but it really isn't. Especially since we moved to
Wellington. This is only the third time in my life I've seen snow "settle" where I was living, and it's the first time it's been the fluffy, sticks together nicely kind of snow.  So tonight was a rare, happy occurance.

Of course, it helps we have a delicious meal roasting in the oven to come inside and warm up with. I hope your day included an unexpected joy!

Our little family....playing in the snow (some more keen than others!)

(apparently this is the face I pull when next to a giant snowball. Who knew?)


  1. That's a big snowball there Sarah lol. Um the cats looked delighted by it all. I was so excited to see it appear.....

  2. wow! how fun.....although I'm so not ready for that stuff, yet. thankfully we have months before it arrives in this part of the States.

  3. Gorgeous pics Sarah. Look at how happy you all look. HOW SWEET!

  4. How fun, I'm jealous! Here in Alaska some of our mountains have gotten snow already but it will be at least another month or so before we see it where I live. I cant wait, I love snow :)

  5. So crazy to think it's winter there when we're facing 100 degrees F here! LOL

  6. What cute pictures!! Looks like
    you and hubby were having a great
    time but I'm not sure about the
    cats! Anyway the snow looks great &
    the cats are beautiful!

  7. Wow, it's almost 100 degrees here in Bakersfield, California (USA) and it seems so bizzare that there is snow anywhere, lol. Love that you are having a fun winter despite being sick.....hopefully you will be well soon. Okay, but your cat does not look too happy, lol.

  8. Wow! What I wouldn't give for some cold...Here in SW Louisiana, our heat index has been between 103 and 110 this past week. {ugh! HOT and HUMID!} So I stay indoors a lot! Wonderful pics, love the kitties and that face you made by that snowball is priceless!

  9. hehe! I just saw all of this on our local news here in Calgary! Totally fun to play in....not so fun to drive safe!
    Thanks for sharing the pictures!!!

  10. OMG!!! I can't believe it...and to think we will have that in 2 shorts months!! Have fun!

  11. Thank you so much for sharing your snow pictures, as I live in Texas, and we have had 2 solid months of every day being 103 to 110 degree days! Thanks also for all your inspiration, love your blog! Stay cool!


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