About Me...

Hi! I'm so happy you stopped by to visit here at thinkingstamps! 

I love getting to know the people behind my favourite blogs, so thought I'd share a little more about who I am with you.

I live in gorgeous New Zealand. I was born right at the bottom of the South Island, but now live in the capital, Wellington. Wellington is a gorgeous seaside city filled to the brim with culture, cafes and amazing views. My husband and I have lived here for 5 years. We miss being close to our families, but we're having a blast.

When I'm not stamping, I love to read, bake, and indulge my love of other crafts - sewing, crochet and jewellery making. I never create in silence, I always have a movie, podcast or music on as background noise and I make something almost every day. 

This is Shanan....
My gorgeous hubby!
Shanan and I have been married since 2006, but we've been together for over 15 years! We met when we were 13 and have been together since we were 14. Shan is so supportive of everything I do, he's the best partner I could ask for and we are more in love than ever (awwww!) I still count the hours every day until he comes home from work and I'm sure I'll feel the same way forever! We're a very low key couple - we love watching movies, playing games, visiting the zoo and picnicking at our favourite beach.

This is Jackson James. Jackson was born in June 2012, he is the light of our lives. He's super energetic - walking at 9 months! He's charming, loves books and gives the best kisses. We waited a long time to be blessed with an addition to our family, and now we know it was so we could fully appreciate our son and every tiring, joyful, challenging and laugh filled moment of parenting. 

Shanan is THE best Dad, hands down. He wakes up with Jax every morning (letting me have a cup of tea in bed!)  and baths him every night, squeezing every moment out of a long day to spend with Jackson. I couldn't ask for a better person to parent with. I love my guys!

I'm fortunate in that Jax is pretty good at taking regular naps - which is when I get to stamp!  

Jackson on his first birthday.

 Halloween, 2013

Watching what happens in the craft room
These are our beloved cats, Gabriel and Luna. Gabriel is a Lilac Point Balinese and Luna is a Silver Shaded Chinchilla Persian. They are 7 years old and full of personality! Both are big talkers. Luna is laid back and prefers to sit in her own spot, but when she wants a pat she's not shy about letting you know. Gabriel doesn't know he's a cat....he thinks he's a person. He prefers to sit on Shan's shoulders, or right in my lap.

So that's a little about me and the people/fur people you'll see mentioned on my blog from time to time. Thank you again for visiting! I love sharing my life and creative side with you all - it keeps me excited about creating!



  1. Thanks, Sarah, for sharing and for all your creativity! Your work is just impeccable and it has been very inspiring to me! Just love visiting your website!
    All the best, Kate

  2. Thanks so much Sarah for posting a little about yourself and your family. I have followed your creativity since There She Goes and was so sad when they closed their doors! :-( So happy to see you on SugarPea and you continue to inspire me, especially the way you finish your cards with the inside matching so beautifully! :-) DNDLANE@aol.com


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