August 4, 2008

New Navigation Features

If you're a regular visitor here at thINKingstamps (and I hope you are!) you may have noticed a few changes to the navigation system I'm using. Firstly, I used to list every stamp set used on a card, but with well over 100 sets, the list was just becoming too long! So here's how to find just what you're looking for...

I've removed all the stamp set names from the topic list, but you can still find the posts using your favourite set! Just use the Search box to the right hand side of the page. You can search by stamp set, technique, or a keyword - useful if you want to see lots of examples of a particular product, e.g. the word window punch!

The topic list is now a lot more meaningful. Techniques are labelled as such and I've added a few new categories:

Happy Hardware will take you to posts where Hodgepodge Hardware, Jumbo Eyelets or other metal embellishments play a key role.

Perfectly Pretty will take you to projects using the Pretties kit.

Lots of Layers are those cards just bursting with dimension, while Simple Cards are often quick, one or two layer designs.

Pretty Punches will probably become the largest category...I love punches! Pretty Punches are those projects that feature lots of punches, a punch used in a new way or a project that shows how well the punches layer together.

From time to time I will add a new category, but hopefully these changes will help you find what you need quickly and easily!