August 26, 2008

Tutorial coming tonight!

Hi all,
Hope you had a great weekend, we had a lovely one, lots of relaxing and dinner with friends. I've just finished photographing a tutorial for you, but have run out of time to write it up - it's time to make dinner (baked pasta and meatballs - yum!) So I'll be back tonight with a fun technique spotlight for you to try!

I've spent a lot of time the last few days sorting out all my computer files and organising photos. I just had to share this photo from last Christmas with you. This is Luna who has been more than a little miffed that Gabriel has featured on this blog twice and she was nowhere to be seen! She's a Chinchilla persion and is three and a half. I didn't pose her like this, she just likes sitting underneath anything she can, clothes airer, Christmas tree - it's all the same to her!


  1. Luna is so cute! Glad she has finally had her photo "published" online ;-)

    Your dinner sounds yummy - care to share your recipe?

    Thanks also for the tutorial, I have just read it and it looks great!

  2. She's gorgeous, Sarah! Our cat sits like this under the Christmas tree, under the desk, under the ottoman, under the coffee table, under my chair, etc. Although she's not nearly as regal looking as Luna when she does it. (Don't tell her I said that, though!) LOL


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