March 22, 2011

Adventures in Frosting

Hi everyone - I thought I'd pop in quickly and show you a couple of pics from my weekend adventures in first 3D shaped cake! I should be writing an essay on Cleopatra, but I'm procrastinating while I wait for my coffee to kick in!

This weekend my friend Janine had a Marie Antoinette, dessert bar themed birthday party and she asked me to make her a doll cake. I hadn't made one before....but it couldn't be too hard, right?

It wasn't - it was fun! And a great excuse to tint some buttercream, the cakes I make Shanan are always chocolate on chocolate, not a lot of colour there!

Here she is all finished. I was inspired by a ruffle cake I'd seen in blogland recently. Conforming the ruffles to the skirt shape was a little tricky, but turned out oh-so-pretty.
Here she is on the desert table. After torting and filling the cake with chocolate buttercream, I crumb coated in vanilla using a thick enough layer that it could become the "petticoat" without showing the chocolate cake underneath. All the piping was done in a delicate raspberry buttercream with vanilla accents. 
I'm happy to say the cake was as yummy as it was pretty! thanks for the pic of the cut cake Bev!

I enjoyed this so much I definitely want to start decorating again, it was great to get out my kit and try some new techniques - though it doesn't really fit with the healthy eating thing we have going on here this year, so it might have to be on a for-hire basis! If you want a cake or some cupcakes and live in Wellington, give me a call! lol

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Did you have to show me this? Now I'm dying for cake. Is there anything you can't do? This is amazing. I know if I tried it, my frosting would be too soft and her skirt would end up a frosting puddle! Yours is perfect!

    Looks like you had a great weekend!


  2. well the cake was devine and so pretty that I really didn't want to cut her. However as you know she tasted great and your work was admired by those who attended. Thanks for emailing those photos.

  3. This cake is simply gorgeous! The ruffles on the skirt - that had to be very challenging and they were all so uniform! Nice job! I loved it!

  4. Beautiful!!! I'd love a piece, too!

  5. You are the most creatively talented chick I know!


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