March 15, 2011

The Cat on the Mat

Hi, I'm Sarah, and I'm an addict. Yup, one teeny weeny, imperfect, crooked little quilt, and I already know this "womanly art" (I saw that phrase on a blog today - love it!) is my new addiction.

I've been drooling over quilts and quilting for awhile now. I've tried my hand at some small scale pieces, pincushions and make-up bags - but the new, modern take on quilts with new modern fabrics have been calling my name. It was inevitable. I love colour, I love prints, I love making things. Quilting and I were always going to fall in love.

So I jumped in. Admittedly, with some bordering on ugly fabric I picked up before I knew what I loved (hey, at least it didn't matter if I failed big time using this fabric!) - but jump I did. I followed my usual MO - no classes, teach myself by reading then learn by doing.

This is the result....
Garish? yeah - pretty much. Am I still stupidly proud of it? Yup! This is my Cat Mat. I have one of those cats that likes to sit ON things. Usually anything black she can shed white fur all over. So I made this little quilt for Luna, and she loves it....
It's great for sleeping on....
and cleaning on.....
and practicing her over-the-shoulder pose on.....
and she gets very mad should it happen to be stolen for awhile!

Here's the back....this is where you can see my not-straight-at-all stitch in the ditch quilting, and yeah, I hand finished the binding - but only because I bought single fold bias tape and thought it was double fold! Oh well, good practice.
Yeah, I could have centered it better on my pieced fabric too - but again, I love it. My first itty bitty quilt.

I already have the top of a disappearing nine patch table runner sewn and waiting to be quilted. Amy Butler fabric this time....serious fabric love there. I hope to have it finished to share soon!



  1. Well done!! It looks awesome. Haha, your cat photo captions are hilarious. x

  2. well done on that Sarah. Luna loves it too and the look on her face when her mat was stolen speaks volumes....I think you will have to make a second one. Pfft at imperfections, plebs like me couldn't see them, I think we are our own worse critics. However I know you, you will go from leaps and bounds now that you have made your first quilt.

  3. I love your quilt--how nice that your cat deemed it worthy, too! I used to have a succession of glorious cats that look to be Luna's breed: Silver-shaded (Chinchilla) persians. They were just the sweetest.
    I always enjoy your blog so much; thanks for sharing.

  4. thanks Margaret - yes, she's a silver shaded! I agree, they're the sweetest cats :-)

  5. I love it. The colors are absolutely beautiful. Your house looks like everyone I know who owns cats. The cats rule.

  6. I love your quilt. The colors are absolutely beautiful. I can see your babies could care less about imperfections. Good job.

  7. Song think it's garish at all! The colours look pretty modern to me and how awesome that kitty loves it so!

  8. Love the "cat mat"! I love the last two pics, they're classic cat. The mat turned out wonderful. Since your cat took over that means it's definitely good.

  9. Love it!! It doesn't matter if it is a little crooked. The cats will never know. LOL

  10. Wow, Sarah, it's gorgeous! The colors are fabulous - they really pop. What a lucky kitty to have such a pretty quilt to curl up on. Thanks for sharing - can't wait to see the next installment!


  11. Yay for you on your first quilt!! I LOVE it!!!! And wow, your kitties are beautiful, especially Luna! Those eyes!

  12. Great job! Yay for you to be self taught :) Your cats are beautiful!

  13. I think maybe I should come to you for quilting lessons - looks fabulous - so what's next ... a full sized Amy Butler quilt for your bed?

  14. I think you did a wonderful job. I have been sewing and quilting for a long time. Even the most experienced sewist will have trouble with stitch in the ditch. I avoid it and sew a on either side of the seam...maybe a quarter of an inch away. I love your bloag and have spent too much time already going through all your posts!


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