September 23, 2010


....I've been doing lots of it! Not necessarily stamping though. This month I've been working on a wide range of projects. A little candlewicking, a crocheted spring scarf, some fun projects with the Big Shot and an awful lot's a photo from this past weekend's shopping...

Yup. I might be addicted already. I have a sewing machine my darling husband bought me for Valentine's Day (best present ever!) back in 2002. It had been a few years since it saw use, and the desire to further my limited sewing skills sat on the backburner.

This month for my birthday I got some essential tools (like a rotary cutter - love cutting paper with scissors, hate using them on fabric!) I was needing to tackle some wonderful online tutorials I've been saving for years and ever since I've been on a total fabric kick.

I've conquered my fear of zippers (not so hard after all!) and I'm slowly picking up techniques and tips to further my skill set. When I stamp I'm very free form, just trying out whatever occurs to me - so it's nice to know I CAN follow a pattern and come out with something usable.

I've created a little sewing corner in my craft room, and found a mini ironing board fits perfectly on my stamping desk (I just have to keep it tidy- easier said than done!) I've gotta say, I'm way more inclined to bust out the iron when it comes to crafting!

I'm already falling asleep every night designing potential projects in my head, so this might be an addiction that sticks around awhile! I need to get on and take some photos of my finished items and will share the fun tutorials I've been following. If you have any favs, feel free to pass them on!

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  1. You are making me feel guilty about that $1000 embroidery sewing machine ... and all the gorgeous design discs that are sitting upstairs unused for a couple of years. Perhaps I need to pull it out and set it up ... AND USE IT!!! I do love sewing ... but just haven't done any since I started stamping! Hugs Andrea xxx
    PS I also still have the machine I bought when I was 17yrs old (a Brother) ... one of the first things I bought when I started working! It is now 31 yrs old ... and still going strong!!! xxaxx


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