April 24, 2012

Creative Chat: Copic Markers

Today the MFT team are talking Copics! I'll show you how I store mine, and give you some of my fave colour combos.

I get asked a LOT where I bought my copics, as they are SO expensive in New Zealand. I bought mine in the 72 sets of Ciao markers from E-bay. Bought this way, they cost $4 per marker (including shipping) versus the $8 they generally cost in NZ stores. I filled a couple of gaps with Sketch marker colours, but mostly have Ciao.

This is my Copic storage. I have five of these Fiskars holders. I got mine at Spotlight and paid between $10 and $20 for each set. I love how easily portable they are and sometimes move them into the living room if I'm going to be doing a lot of colouring in front of the TV.

The thing I really like about these holders is being able to remove individual cups. I have all my Copics in front of me on a shelf on my desk, and I generally just reach for the colour family I need at the time. It saves a lot of room on my workspace.

The big downside to Ciao markers is the lack of labelling on the ends. I labelled mine using a label maker and 1/4" Circle punch. I created the labels using the smallest font size, typing out the labels with a few spaces between each one until I hit the character limit on the label maker. After printing I simply punched them out and adhered to my Copics. The 1/4" circles fit on the caps exactly.

I get asked about colour combos a lot as well. Below are three of my faves for colouring a la mode and Pure Innocence images. If you are just starting out with Copics, any of these combos would be really useful.

My go-to hair combo. I really need to practice with some other combos so I stop using this one so much! I generally colour the hair last and always just reach for what I know works.

Skin combo #1.

Skin combo #2. I don't have any rules about which one I use for certain images, it just depends on what I feel like that day!

Head on over to Kim's blog to see other tips and tricks from the team!

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  1. Hi Sarah, so nice to meet a fellow Kiwi on the MFT site! I'm from Hawke's Bay. Thanks for sharing your Copic ideas! I'm also your newest follower!

  2. Ohhh seeing all these copics is making me druel! Really need a trip to the States so I can get my collection underway!

  3. ok. easy peasy. I'm labeling my caio markers. I am going to give your second skin tone a try, I too get stuck in a rut and use what I know.

  4. Great storage Sarah! LOVE those containers! I also labeled all my Ciao markers...took a LONG time but it's SO worth it!

  5. Those stickers ROCK Sarah!

  6. Super awesome Sarah! TFS!

    Crafty Hugs!

  7. Sarah, thanks for sharing your storage - I've not seen those cups before and they seem perfect! And thanks for sharing your skin colors! I may have to check out ebay for these as your price is excellent for anywhere!

  8. Hi! Just today I got around to labeling my Copic Ciao markers. I couldn't get my font to go small enough, so I printed out the two 72-marker set color charts from the Copic site and punched them out with my 1/4" circle punch. I used a fine-tip multiliner to write on blank 1/4" circles for colors I have that are not in those sets.

    I think I like the handmade labels better - easier to read. I did swipe my label with the marker, but I like yours plain white, too.

    I feel like I've actually ACCOMPLISHED something. :)

  9. Thanks for sharing information about Copic Ciao markers! I've been looking for a cheaper place to get them~ Just got my first 11 from Gordon Harris, but they were $7.99 each /o\


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