April 27, 2011

The Luna Scarf

Brrrr! It feels like the middle of winter here in NZ at the moment, not autumn like at all. I got up this morning to find my kitchen floor covered in water that had blown in under the door - you can imagine how wet and cold it is!

So while I'm all snuggled up in my slippers and merino wool sweater, I thought I'd share a recent crochet project. I'll apologise in advance for the terrible photos - it was a dreary day when I took these!
This is the Luna Scarf. Somewhat famous in the crochet and knitting world - it's been made hundreds, if not thousands of times by crafters all over the world. It's my favourite free scarf pattern, this red one is the second I have finished, my first was a pale green and I have a ball of burnt orange yarn waiting to be turned into my third Luna Scarf.

Why Luna? This scarf is based on one worn by the character Luna Lovegood in one of the Harry Potter movies, the pattern was kindly created and shared by PinkLeo on Craftster.   
It's a long thin scarf, so fun to crochet, and depending on the yarn used is suitable for many seasons. I tend to use a soft acrylic 8 ply, so my scarf comes out a little thicker, but if you scroll through the crafster photos you'll see lots of examples in many different types and weights of yarn.
This is a scarf that begs to be blocked. Blocking helps the scarf lay the way it should and seperates the pattern out so you can see all the gorgeous detail. With natural fibres, you simply wet, shape, then let dry. Because I use acrylic, I "kill" the fibres using steam which gives the scarf a super soft finish - you'd never believe it was such cheap yarn! The left side of the photo is the pinned and steamed scarf, the right side is how the scarf lay before being blocked.
Apologies for the super low-res webcam photo! This is how I wear my red luna scarf - I seamed it together with a twist in the middle so it can be worn cowl style. I find it plenty warm enough on most days, and if it gets too warm, it's easy to untwist and wear long and loose - I love that particularly when going out to a basketball game, where I want to keep my stuff at hand and not put my scarf on the floor. 

I'm currently crocheting a lovely thick and warm grey scarf from another pattern (that I think I'm going to change and make into a buttoned cowl) then I'll get started on my orange Luna Scarf.

I'll be back late late tonight (my post is scheduled for 1am NZ time) with my first Creations by AR Blog Hop - that means prizes for you! Yippee!


  1. Good timing ... I've been working on a scarf myself, was gonna ask what you do to finish them ... thanks for the reminder. Love the colour of yours ... it looks great on you.

  2. A girl of MANY talents..and I admire them all. This is SO pretty!


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