June 18, 2013


Hi peeps! If you saw the MFT blog the other day you'll know there have been some changes to the design team. Sadly I won't be carrying on in an official capacity, but that doesn't mean there won't be lots of inspiration still coming your way!

I'm super excited to be working with Verve, so you'll be seeing even more of my fave Verve creations and...

When one door closes, another one opens (and sometimes more than one!) so watch this space! I have some FUN things coming up in the next few weeks. I can't wait to share what I've been working on and who I'm getting to work WITH!

The other big change around here is we are now parents to a ONE YEAR OLD! I can't believe it, everyone says that first year goes so fast, but it's something you have to experience to really know how true that is. We had a huge family party, with everyone flying in to celebrate Jackson and it was fab! I'll leave you with some pics from the big day and some of the things I worked on :-)

I made a five layer chocolate cake filled with raspberry jam and chocolate buttercream. The cow was moulded from gum paste tinted with gel colours. The outer frosting was vanilla and raspberry. This was yum!

Chocolate Caramel cupcakes with toppers

Thank you card for gift bags. These were gifts for the adults, so included lots of yummy things!
Tags for gift bags. I added some homemade chocolate truffles, coffee sachets, choc dipped spoons, keyrings with Jackson's photo and other little goodies.

Smash cake!


  1. MWAH!!! love you Sarah! your work is always so inspiring and I know great things are coming your way. thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures of your sweet little guy! Your cake is gorgeous!!! and so are your other paper goodies. Big Squishy HUGS!!!

  2. You are an amazing person and designer, and I can't wait to see what you are up to!!!;) and your super adorable family???eeks!!

  3. You are an amazing person and designer, and I can't wait to see what you are up to!!!;) and your super adorable family???eeks!!

  4. I have loved, loved working with you at MFT. You are amazing. You're one of the first designers I visit to see what unique and wonderful things you've done with our new toys, and I usually ask my self - why didn't I think of that?! I can't wait to see your next adventures. Happy Birthday little guy. Hugs!

  5. Sarah, love the pictures!! I have always LOVED your style and know you have great things in store!! I will miss you on the team :). ((Hugs))

  6. Wow, can't believe that has been a year! Looks like the party was a success, all the best for new things to come (for both of you!)

  7. OH MY STINKIN' ADORABLE!!!! Love everything about this post!! And can I come to one of your parties??? adult gift bags with chocolate and coffee?!?!?! Hellz Yeah! Happy Birthday to Jackson!!

  8. That first picture is too cute for words!!! Twinkle in the eye big time and full of beans too I'm sure :) Gotta love little boys :) Love the cake and cupcaked decor you made! Congrats on his being one!

    Can't wait to hear your new news! Have me guessing what it could be already LOL! Don't leave us hanging too long, okay!!

  9. I've been a follower for such a long time, I still am and will be, I love your style! but I'm sorry you left the team!
    beautiful photos, Happy Birthday to your lovely son!

  10. Oh my Sarah! I can't believe how much he's grown! He's so handsome and I can tell that this is one loving family!!! GREAT pictures! I'm glad his day was fun!!!

    Sad to leave one DT but as you said....one door closes....another opens! Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve!

  11. (Belated) Birthday Wishes, little one!

    Oh, Sarah, he is cute!!!


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